Managing and Operating Projects

The advisers at Amphibio regularly oversee the activity in plants and businesses in order to ensure that their actions are in line with environmental laws and regulations. They represent these companies in dealing with national or local regulating authorities in order to arrive at agreed, feasible and effective solutions.

PRTR: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register-

Many plants and projects are required to report their emissions and releases (air, water and waste) annually. Preparing the PRTR report involves detailed and accurate calculations taking into account the different processes that take place in a plant (see article on the subject).

Emission Permits-

Under the Clean Air Law, many plants are now required to operate under an emission permit. The permit request includes a detailed description of all the processes that take place in the plant along with the resulting emissions associated with each process, as measured and projected. It likewise specifies the plant's environmental policy and the steps and measures it currently takes and intends to take in the future in order to minimize emissions.

Marine Discharge Permits-

Where necessary, the Ministry of Environmental Protection allows fluids to be discharged into the sea. A request for a discharge includes the fluids' origin, their content and amount, as well as a thorough investigation as to the optimal solution available in technical, environmental and economic terms. 

Toxins Permits-

In cases where businesses need to hold hazardous materials, they are required to obtain a toxins permit. The toxins permit represents the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for using and storing these materials. The permit request is based on the regulations and on the level of danger inherent in the toxins to people and the environment. 

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