Licensing, Permits and Certifications

The team at Amphibio provides environmental guidance through the licensing and construction processes of hundreds of projects, representing them in their dealings with the regulatory authorities in obtaining the following permits:

Excavation Permit-

Obtaining an excavation permit involves carrying out tests, as necessary, to check for soil pollution, the presence of soil gases, groundwater pollution and potential impact from the excavation work itself.  

Building Permit-

The process of applying for a building permit involves meeting environmental requirements established by local committees. To meet these, environmental analysis is performed to assess the impact of the project—whether a commercial or industrial building, etc.—on the environment. The environmental review can refer, as the case may be, to wastewater, air quality, radiation, noise, hazardous materials, waste, appearance, runoff management and solution including infiltration, and to the environmental footprint. The review presents the way in which these areas of concern were addressed in the plan and includes recommendations for environmental improvement.

Certification to the Green Building Standard-

Overseeing green-construction projects and getting them approved by the Standards Institution in accordance with Standard 5281 (for more information, see "Expertise - Green Building").

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