Environmental Planning

Amphibio conducts environmental impact surveys and produces environmental documents and reviews to support both the preservation of ecological and landscape systems or responsible development in agricultural, urban and industrial systems, as the case may be.

The company's staff includes ecologists, scientists and engineers with extensive planning and statutory knowledge. The team is well-aware of the complex set of different considerations involved in planning: social, regulatory, financial, cultural considerations, and above all environmental ones.  The company's high capabilities come into play in the development of city building plans and master plans in Israel, but also in consulting for international projects funded by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (development of water resources, agricultural development, mining, flood protection).

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Our address: HaYasmin Street 1 (Ziva House), Ramat Efal Seminar, Ramat Gan.
Tel: 03-7369972 050-5770577, email: office@amphibio.co.il

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