About Us

Amphibio Ltd is Israel's leading player in its field: environmental consulting, planning and engineering. The company is well known and highly regarded by all environmental regulators in Israel, at both the national and local levels. It has successfully led its clients through hundreds of projects involving construction, infrastructure, trade, energy, agro-ecology, regional and local development, and other areas.
Amphibio offers its clients, according to their specific project needs, the services of its top-notch experts in natural sciences, environmental science and environmental engineering.

Our areas of expertise include:
• Soil and water contamination
• wastewater
• Air quality
• Waste
• Radiation
• Land-use coordination
• Hazardous materials
• Noise
• Ecology
• Hydrology, hydro-geology
• Environmental economics

The company provides tailor-made and effective solutions to its diverse clientele, which ranges from government offices and public authorities, through some of the biggest companies and market leaders in the economy, to small business owners and private entrepreneurs.

Our Values

Amphibio Ltd is committed to clear ethics of reliability and professionalism, which it sees as the core values underlying the outstanding service it provides to its clients and prides itself on as well as its ability to come up with a whole range of agreed and effective solutions in dealing with the regulating authorities. The company is engaged in a continuous process of learning and growth, constantly keeping abreast of developments and implementing up-to-date software programs and technologies in its field. 

Contact Us

Our address: HaYasmin Street 1 (Ziva House), Ramat Efal Seminar, Ramat Gan.
Tel: 03-7369972 050-5770577, email:

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